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Available Area

Japan, the US, Canada, China

This item is not available in Mexico due to the Radio Act.
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  • A dedicated transceiver for EPU-100 (EPU-100) EPU-220 (EPU-220).
  • With a PC and USB connection enable wireless operation of EPU-100EPU-220.
  • Simultaneous automated operation of up to 32 EPU-100EPU-220 is possible.
  • A USB cable for PC connection (length: 50cm) is provided.

Dimension Drawing

EPC-100Transceivers - PC Control寸法図

Unit : mm

Part Number Mass
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EPC-100 45 251.89 Cart


Main Body A6063

Does not contain any of the 10 chemicals restricted under the RoHS Directives.


Power Source Voltage 5V + 5% (USB power supply)
Wireless Communication 2.4GHz Band Wireless Communication
Wireless Reach Distance
(Reference Value)
Indoors 60m
Outdoors 1200m
Maximum No. of Connected 32 Units

Only takes two minutes to understand!Wireless Positioning Units Installation/Connection Method

Precautions for Use

Be sure to read the Instruction Manual before use to ensure safe and correct usage.

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Transceivers EPC-200-CCEPC-210-EIPcan be used to control EPU-100EPU-220 for connection with a PLC.

EPC-100Transceivers - PC Control

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