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Wireless Positioning Units Collars

Sales Area

EOCL-200 is sold only in the following countries and regions.
USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan


  • Collars for Wireless Positioning Units EPU-200 (EPU-200).
  • These collars can adapt bore diameter of Wireless Positioning Units EPU-200 to match the rotation shaft.
  • Made of stainless steel superior in corrosion resistance.
  • All products are provided with hex socket set screws.

Dimension Drawing

EOCL-200Wireless Positioning Units Collars寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number d Mass
EOCL-200-6 6 46 CAD RFQ
EOCL-200-8 8 43 CAD RFQ
EOCL-200-10 10 38 CAD RFQ
EOCL-200-12 12 32 CAD RFQ
EOCL-200-14 14 26 CAD RFQ
EOCL-200-15 15 23 CAD RFQ
EOCL-200-16 16 19 CAD RFQ


Main Body SUS304
Hex Socket Set Screw SUSXM7


① Insert EOCL-200 onto the EPU-200 output shaft.

EOCL-200Wireless Positioning Units Collars

② Align the EPU-200 output shaft screw hole with the EOCL-200 screw through-hole, then screw the hex socket set screw supplied with EOCL-200.

EOCL-200Wireless Positioning Units Collars

③ With EOCL-200 mounted, pass the rotation axis over the EPU-200 output shaft and secure with a hex socket set screw. (Recommended tightening torque: 2.8 N・m)

EOCL-200Wireless Positioning Units Collars

Precautions for Use

When using EOCL-200, use the hex socket set screws provided with EOCL-200. The length of the screws provided with EPU-200 may not sufficient to adequately secure the output shaft.

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