Oct. 31. 2014 Topics

Reported vulnerability in "SSL ver.3"

Some media reported that some vulnerability was found in the encryption scheme "SSL ver.3".
To assure the security of internet communication, we stopped the use of "SSL ver.3" for NBK website.
As NBK website corresponds to "TSL", which is the next version of "SSL3.0", the customers can access to the site securely by using "TSL".
There is no influences for the customers who can access to our site now.
However, some customers not be able to access our site depending on the set up of the browsers.

The following is only for the customers who use Internet Explorer 6 and older vresion, and customers who turned off "TLS" at set up of the browsers.

Note: Internet Explorer 6 or older version is not recommend environment.

Example of Internet Explorer set up.

Click Internet Options in the tool bar of the browser.

In the tab for the detail set up, remove check marks from "SSL ver.2" and "SSL ver.3". Add a check mark at "TSL".



Click "OK" and restart Internet Explorer.