Date Published:Mar. 24. 2015

Coupling Compatibility Service List

To make couplings compatible with a wider range of applications, various additional services are available as standard.
Orders from one piece up can be handled with short delivery times.

Bore Additional Modification Service

We provide machining in the desired bore diameter. Key grooving is also available.

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Stainless Steel Screw Alteration Service

Hex socket set screws provided with set screw type couplings and hex socket head cap screws provided with clamping type couplings can be altered to stainless steel.

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Cleanroom Wash / Cleanroom Packing Service

Couplings undergo clean washing and clean packing. Washing and packing take place in cleanrooms.
For couplings embedded in FPD production devices, semiconductor manufacturing devices, medical equipment, or food machinery, or used in cleanrooms.

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