Date Published:Sep. 28. 2016

What is the key to speeding up the Servo System?

There are lots of ways to improve the productivity in the Servo System.
For example, there is the possibility that you can shorten the production cycle time if you use a high performance servo motor and an actuator.

What is a chance to bring out the servo system performance?

But, actually there are some points customers are overlooking.
It is the evolution of Coupling technology that utilizes the linking of a Motor and an Actuator.
In using standard coupling technology, you may not be getting optimal performance from your Servo System.

The history of a coupling's performance improvement

Generally, the couplings used for a Servo System require flexibility and torsional rigidity.
To fulfill these technical specifications, the Slit Coupling was utilized during the 1990s and then updated to Disk Coupling in the 2000s.
Around 2005, the servo motor with a higher speed response frequency appeared.
There was a technological limit in regards to the shortening of the production cycle time even if we increase the coupling’s torsional rigidity.

The cause is co-vibration. The increase of a coupling’s rigidity is insufficient to increase the rigidity throughout the whole servo system.
Due to the high-speed response frequencies, the co-vibration of the Servo System cannot be avoided.
So what can be done?

The solution is to provide higher capacity for absorbing the vibrations that are a result of the higher speed response frequencies.
We propose High-Gain Rubber Couplings “XG series.”
We focused a rubber’s ability to absorb the vibration.
We succeeded to realize both the coupling’s rigidity and vibration reduction by an innovative molding technique within the internal structure.

In 2007, we took the lead in the industry with the launching of the High-Gain Rubber Coupling.
In 2013, we launched a new coupling, the “XG2,” with a capacity to achieve a much higher rigidity for a torsional rigidity and a damping performance.
With the XG2, you can increase your productivity and control of your Servo System through the high gain it offers compared to traditional couplings.

High-gain rubber couplings, the XG series, shorten the manufacturing time through the reduction of vibration even in high gain surroundings.
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