Date Published:Jun. 18. 2015

Unit Symbols and Volume Fomula

Unit Symbols and Volume Fomula

● Greek characters

Name Oblique Italic Normal use
Alpha Α α Α α Angle and coefficient
Beta Β β Β β Angle and coefficient
Gamma Γ γ Γ γ Angle, specific weight and (upper case) gamma coefficient
Delta Δ δ Δ δ Minimal change, density and displacement
Epsilon Ε ε Ε ε Minimal numbers and strain coefficient
Zeta Ζ ζ Ζ ζ Variable
Eta Η η Η η Variable
Theta Θ θ Θ θ Angle, temperature and time
Iota Ι ι Ι ι
Kappa Κ κ Κ κ Radius of rotation
Lambda Λ λ Λ λ Wave length and specific value
Mu Μ μ Μ μ Friction coefficient and 10-6 (micro)
Nu Ν ν Ν ν Vibration frequency
Xi Ξ ξ Ξ ξ Variable
Omicron Ο ο Ο ο
Pi Π π Π π Circle ratio (3.14159......), angle and (upper case) product symbol 
Rho Ρ ρ Ρ ρ Radius and density
Sigma Σ σ Σ σ Stress, standard deviation and (upper case) number sum
Tau Τ τ Τ τ Time constant, time and torque
Upsilon Υ υ Υ υ
Phi Φ φ Φ φ Angle and function
Chi Χ χ Χ χ
Psi Ψ ψ Ψ ψ Angle and function
Omega Ω ω Ω ω Angular rate = 2πf and (upper case) ohm unit symbol

Lower case except for those specially indicated as "upper case."


Cubic volume and various values

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