• Display Mounting Systems


Keyboard Mounting System - Single Axis Type

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Wall Panel / Sheet Metal
  • Aluminum Frame End Face
  • Pipe

Dimension Drawing

DKBR-PBKeyboard Mounting System - Single Axis Type寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number D L1 L Mass
DKBR-500-PB-28 28 240.6 264.6 1330 CAD RFQ
DKBR-500-PB-30 30 240.6 264.6 1330 CAD RFQ
DKBR-500-PB-34 34 240.6 264.6 1320 CAD RFQ
DKBR-500-PB-40 40 244.6 272.6 1310 CAD RFQ
DKBR-500-PB-42.7 42.7 244.6 272.6 1305 CAD RFQ

● Fixing rubber sheet is attached. Dimensional allowance of available round pipe is ±0.5 mm.


DKBR-PBKeyboard Mounting System - Single Axis Type


Keyboard Holder AC4C-F
Electrostatic Coating
Hinge SPCC
Electrostatic Coating
Fixing Knob Nylon 6
Clamp AC4C-F
Electrostatic Coating
Clamping Screw SWRCH
Trivalent Chromate Treatment
Mounting Plate SPCC
Electrostatic Coating
Bracket - A6063


  • Keyboard mounting system of the single axis type.
  • By tightening the clamping screw, the keyboard is securely fixed and prevent from falling.
  • B5 size laptops and 500 mm wide keyboard can be loaded.
  • For counterpart, three types of Mounting System for Display are available.
    For aluminum frame / For wall panel and sheet metal ----DKBR-AF
    For aluminum frame end mounting ----DKBR-AA
    For round pipe ----DKBR-PB
  • Clamp screws of two sizes (Phillips cross recessed pan head machine screws) are supplied.
    M6 x 40: Used when the keyboard width is 256 mm to 280 mm.
    M6 x 140: Used when the keyboard width is 280 mm to 500 mm.
  • It can be tilted by 90° in upward direction.

DKBR-PBKeyboard Mounting System - Single Axis Type


Machine tool / Medical equipment / FPD production device / Semiconductor manufacturing device / Packing machine / Food machinery


  • A mouse holder DKM is available as an option.
  • This may be mounted on either side.

DKBR-PBKeyboard Mounting Systems - Single Axis Type

Part Number Mass(g)
DKM 310


Mouse Holder SPCC
Cation Painting
Mouse Holder Fixing Knob Nylon 6

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Fix type keyboard mounting system DKB is available.

DKBR-PBKeyboard Mounting System - Single Axis Type

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