Engineering Tips Topic【NBK Newsletter, Vol.93】


Engineering Tips

Galling/Seizing Resistance Screw
without Contaminations and Lubricants



Reducing the thread friction coefficient by coating some plastics or metal plating is one of the effective methods to avoid Galling/Seizing.
However, that method will cause contamination during the fastening process and metal plating or coatings may peel off in high-temperature environment. Even if in room temperature, the repeatable fastening makes the effect weaker.
NBK has various types of similar screws but we want to suggest to you that making the thread surface hardened instead of coating/plating will better help prevent Galling/Seizing.
NBK’s SNSL-PN series is one of our standard products in stock with the surface hardened that can help prevent Galling/Seizing without using any coatings and lubricants.

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