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Engineering Tips

NBK has a “Product Finder” for
our special screws.
You can find the screws you are looking for
more easily! Please visit our site!



NBK’s Product Finder for Specialty screws is on the left side of our product page.
You can sort by Screws’ head shape, drive type (recess shapes), thread diameter, thread length, thread pitch, material, surface treatment and functions.
* Activate JavaScript to use all of the Product Finder functions.

NBK’s screws have functions to solve problems of each customer’s application.
The followings are some of the examples and you can sort by such functions in the Product Finder.
- Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Evacuation, Low Outgas, Non-Magnetic, Chemical Resistance, Heat Resistance, Clean Washing/Packing
- Medical Equipment: Non-Magnetic, Miniature, Anti-loosening, Captive, Space Saving, Chemical Resistance, Tamper Proof
- Electronics: Electrical Insulation, Miniature, Captive, Anti-Loosening
- Food/Beverage Equipment: Anti-Corrosion, High Strength, Anti-Galling/Seizing
- Robot Industrial: Light-Weight, Miniature, Space Saving, Tamper Proof, High Strength, Anti-Loosening

Even if you cannot find your requested screws in the sorting result, we may be able to customize. Actually, many of our customers have ordered customized products so please contact us with your requirements.

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