Date Published:Aug. 21. 2018

Tools for Extremely Limited Access Spaces

Slim tools that can be used even in extremely limited access spaces

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These tools can be used in limited access spaces where an ordinary screwdriver or wrench cannotbe used, and provide advantages for both operators and designers.Two varieties of tools, the low profile screwdriver and hexalobular wrench, have been standardized.

Low Profile Screwdriver

This is a thin screwdriver with a plate-shaped handle.The three available bit shapes are hexagon socket,cross recessed socket, and slotted grooves.

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Low Profile Screwdrivers for Extremely Limited Access Spaces SKND

Hexalobular Wrench

This is a hexalobular wrench with a handle shorter than that of normal wrenches, reducing height during operation.

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Hexalobular Wrenches for Extremely Limited Access Spaces SKX-N

Advantages for Operators

Can shorten work time

Since they are usable in limited spaces where regular screwdrivers/wrenches cannot be used,this helps reduce work hours by making it unnecessary to remove peripheral components, etc.

Usage example

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Advantages for Designers

Devices and equipment can be made smaller

Required working space is decreased, so devices/equipment can also be made more compact.

Comparison examples between the low profile screwdriver and general L-shaped wrench







Replacing the hex socket head cap screw with a hex socket head cap screw with special low profile SSH can further reduce the work space.Head height of hex socket head cap screw with special low profile (M4 × 10): 1.5 mm

NBK's low profile screws are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, head shapes, recess shapes, etc.
Comparison of the Dimensions of Low Profile Screws and Small Head Screws

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