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Dimple Knob

  • Won the Good Design Award

Dimension Drawing

KRFSDimple Knob寸法図




Unit : mm

Part Number D M(coarse) Lf H s d Mass
KRFS-32-M5 32 M5 10 22 10 15 15 CAD RFQ
KRFS-40-M6 40 M6 15 25 11 17 17 CAD RFQ
KRFS-50-M8 50 M8 18 30 13.5 20 27 CAD RFQ
KRFS-63-M10 63 M10 20 35 15 23 55 CAD RFQ

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knob Nylon 6 (Matte Black)
Thread Part SUS303


  • Three types: Male Screw KRMKRMS / Female Screw KRFKRFS / Reamer Bore KRR.
  • The reamer hole KRR hub has a guide hole for the fixing pin.
  • A rich variety of thread sizes from M4 to M10 are available.
  • Types and thread part materials can be selected by a product code.
Product Code Type Thread Part Material
KRM Male Screw Made of Steel
KRMS Male Screw Made of Stainless Steel
KRF Female Screw Made of Steel
KRFS Female Screw Made of Stainless Steel
KRR Reamer Bore Made of Steel

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