Screw Vibration Resistant Treatment Service

Service Details

  • Screws are coated with microcapsules containing an adhesive.
  • When a screw is tightened, the microcapsules break and release the adhesive, which locks and seals the screw.
  • The adhesive section is generally in the center of the screw threads and five times the thread pitch in size.

* The coated area may differ depending on the product shape and size.

  • 3 types of thread locking are available. Choose the best type for your usage.

Vibration Resistant

  • Applications

  • FA Equipment, Machine Tools, Home Electronics, Communication Equipment, OA Equipment, and Automobiles and Other Transportation Equipment

SG-161 Strong Adhesive Vibration Resistant

  • Epoxy resin microcapsules
  • Color:Orange
  • Time to reach practical strength:20 to 30 hours
  • Adhesive strength:2.2 N・m (M5 test result)

SG-160 Quick Drying Vibration Resistant

  • Epoxy resin microcapsules
  • Color:Blue
  • Time to reach practical strength:1 to 2 hours
  • Adhesive strength:0.5 N・m (M5 test result)


Hydraulic Equipment, Pneumatic / Machinery and Equipment

SG-175 Sealing

Composed of fluorosilicone resin
Superior sealing effect
Chemical resistance・Heat resistance

Applicable Products

  • Applicable screw threads:M2 - M12
  • Also, this service is available for products not listed in this catalog with your specified vibration resistant treatment.

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