Vibration Resistant Treatment Service

Vibration Resistant Treatment Service

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Service Details

  • Screws are coated with microcapsules containing an adhesive.
  • When a screw is tightened, the microcapsules break and release the adhesive, which locks and seals the screw.
  • The adhesive section is generally in the center of the screw threads and five times the thread pitch in size.
  • * The coating section may be changed according to product shape and size.


There are 2 types of vibration resistant treatment services

  • Application
    FA devices / Machine tool / Household, communication and OA devices
    SG-161 Heat Resistance / Vibration Resistant Treatment
  • Epoxy-resin micro capsule
  • Color: Orange
  • Time to practical strength: 20 - 30 hours
  • Adhesive strength*1 : 12 N・m (M6 test result)
  • Heat Resistance Temperature*1 : 150℃
      SG-160Quick-Drying / Vibration Resistant Treatment
    • Epoxy-resin micro capsule
    • Color: Blue
    • Time to practical strength: 1 - 2 hours
    • Adhesive strength*1 : 10 N・m (M6 test result)
    • Heat Resistance Temperature*1 : 100℃

    *1: The adhesion force indicates the loosening torque when tightened to 8 N⋅m. The heat-resistant temperature indicates the limiting temperature at which the loosening torque exceeds the tightening torque.
    The above values are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values. Make sure that there is no problem with your final product when using them.

    Applicable Products

    • Available / Additional charge is displayed at the end of each product page for the target product.
    • Target screw diameter: M2 - M12
    • We can handle products other than those listed in this catalog or with customized vibration resistant treatment locations. Please feel free to contact our customer service.

    How to use the service

    Please select the product part number to apply vibration resistant treatment and the vibration resistant treatment type.

    Precoated seal type

    • Application
      Oil hydraulic equipment / Pneumatic device
      SG-175 For sealing
    • Fluorine resin composition
    • Color: White
    • Excellent sealing effect
    • Chemical-proof / Heat-resistance