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Image Photo Sensor Flange Damper Rolls
Number MPF MDR
Name Photo Sensor Flange Damper Rolls
Feature Photo Sensor Flange Damper for Stepping Motor

About Couplings

Coupling is a component used to connect a drive shaft and a driven part, for example, a motor shaft and a ball screw for the purpose of transmitting the torque.
The main roles of a coupling include the following:
・Connecting drive shafts of motors, etc. with driven shafts of ball screws etc. to transmit power.
・Providing tolerance for errors (misalignment) between the cores of the drive shaft and the driven shaft.
・Absorbing equipment impacts and vibration.
・Improving equipment performance.
Also, Coupling introduces mechanical flexibility providing misalignment for the shafts. As a result, this coupling flexibility can prevent uneven wear, vibration, and other mechanical troubles due to misalignment.

What is Flexible Shaft Coupling?

Flexible Shaft Coupling is rotation transmission component which allows eccentricity, angular and runout between shafts. Accurate centering (alignment adjustment) is required to match shafts by having flexibility and deflection, misalignment can be absorbed.

NBK's Stainless Steel Couplings

As a specialist manufacturer, NBK offers an extensive line-up on stainless steel couplings. We provide all-stainless steel couplings suited to the usage, with disk-type, slit-type, bellows-type, rigid-type and more. Depending on coupling type,  Materials vary such as SUS316L, SUS304, SUS303 and so on.

Our History as a Coupling Manufacturer

As a coupling manufacturer, NBK succeeded in the field of precision miniature shaft couplings.  Beginning with technology development for single-piece construction slit-type couplings, we successfully followed to develop all-stainless steel couplings. At that time, NBK couplings were well matched to the control motors and our marketshare was rapidly increased.  We continued to develop jaw-type, bellows-type, disk-type and more to meet our customers' needs and developing peripheral devices such as servo motors, stepper motors, and encoders we focused on high frequency response, hunting prevention, improving gain, shortening stabilization time, zero backlash.  As a result, NBK developed XG Series, high-gain rubber type couplings based on cutting edge control theory which has been introduced as a new generation type coupling in motion control industry.

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