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Ball Rollers - Insert Type


Dimension Drawing

BRUIP-PBall Rollers - Insert Type寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number D D1 L L1 s Db d Withstand Load (N) Mass
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BRUIP-7-P 7 9 4 1 1.5 4.76 1.5 2 0.34 13.82 CAD Cart
BRUIP-9-P 9 11 5 1 2 6.35 2.5 5 0.63 16.75 CAD Cart
BRUIP-11-P 11 13 7 1 2.5 7.94 3 6 1.1 22.50 CAD Cart
BRUIP-13-P 13 15 8 1 3 9.53 3.5 8 1.8 30.16 CAD Cart


  • Insert type ball rollers for upward facing applications.
  • Because the body section is inserted, the height can be reduced.
  • Use an adhesive to secure these rollers.
  • Products made of polyacetal and PEEK are available as standard.
  • BRUIP-P is intended for applications that require cleaning, heat resistance, or chemical resistance, such as FPD production equipment and semiconductor devices.
  • These ball rollers have drain holes and are intended for food production lines and other applications that require cleaning.
  • These ball rollers can be used in downward and sideward facing applications.


Main Body PEEK/Light brown
Main Ball PEEK/Light brown
Sub-Ball SUS440C(Hardness 55HRC or higher)


FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, food production lines, and packaging lines

Precautions for Use

Insert type ball roller. Do not press fit. Use a clearance fit when fitting with the attachment hole. If a tight fit is used, the product may be damaged or the ball may malfunction.

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