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Tension Lever, Female Screw

Dimension Drawing

LTFTension Lever, Female Screw寸法図

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch Lf R H H' h s A B D d Tooth No. Max. load
Max. tightening force
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LTF-20 M20 2.5 35 136 114.5 123 65.5 4.5 14 35 41 30 36 1400 67 705 59.52 CAD Cart

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Lever Part S45C
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)
Thread Part S45C
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)
Grip Phenol Resin (Black)


  • A strong type clamping lever.
  • Products of special specifications such as rotating radius of the lever can also be manufactured.
    Please feel free to contact our customer service.

Only takes a minute to understand! How to Use Clamp Levers.

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