• Display Mounting Systems


Display Mounting System - 360°rotation Type - Spring Retention

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Wall Panel / Sheet Metal
  • Aluminum Frame End Face
  • Pipe
  • VESA Standard Compliant

Dimension Drawing

DFT-AFDisplay Mounting Systems - 360° Rotation Type - Spring Retention寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number A M*1 d W Max. loading mass
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DFTL-75-AF-M4 75 4 5 90 10 1300 81.08 CAD Cart

*1: Mounting bolts are not supplied.


DFT-AFDisplay Mounting System - 360°rotation Type - Spring Retention


Plate for display SPHC
Cation Painting
Ball Case A6063
Alumite Treatment
Ball S45C
Trivalent Chromate Treatment
Built-in Spring Spring Steel
Fixing Plate SS400
Electrostatic Coating
Bracket - A6063
Alumite Treatment


  • The display can be tilted by ±15° to any direction. The display can also be rotated.

DFT-AFDisplay Mounting System - 360°rotation Type - Spring Retention

  • The built-in spring serves to retain the display. Tightening after adjustment is not necessary.
  • For counterpart, three types of Mounting System for Display are available.
    For aluminum frame / For wall panel and sheet metal ----DFT-AF
    For aluminum frame end mounting ----DFT-AA
    For round pipe ----DFT-PB


Machine tool / Medical equipment / FPD production device / Semiconductor manufacturing device / Packing machine / Food machinery

Retention torque

Product code Retention Torque Reference Force
DFTH 20 N・m Even in an environment subject to vibration, etc., the display
can hardly deviate.
DFTM 15 N・m Middle of low torque type and high torque type.
DFTL 10 N・m Can move with torque equivalent to that
for household / office PC displays.

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A display mounting system of 360° rotation type that tighten the fixing bolts to retain the angle DFK is available.

DFT-AFDisplay Mounting System - 360°rotation Type - Spring Retention

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