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Stainless Steel Hand Knob

Dimension Drawing

KMDFSStainless Steel Hand Knobs寸法図

Unit : mm

Part Number D M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch Lf min. H s d Mass
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KMDFS-40-M8-HP 40 M8 1.25 15 30 5 16 94 30.08 CAD Cart

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Main Body SCS13 (Equivalent to SUS304)


  • Made of stainless steel superior in corrosion resistance.
  • With an original design based on the 7 principles of universal design as well as ergonomics, force is easy to apply whether you hold it between your fingers or grasp with the palm of your hand, enabling stable operation. The shape is also designed for easy gripping with fingers, suitable for operation with work gloves on as well.
  • The gently curved lines make the knob easy to wipe. With nowhere for water to puddle, it is also suitable for water washing.
  • For applications requiring hygiene, such as food-related machinery, medical equipment, and chemical plants.

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