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Plastic Pulls - With LED


Dimension Drawing

UPIF-LPlastic Pulls - With LED寸法図



Cover Color
Part Number Max. Allowable Load*1
Cover Color Price
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UPIF-L-BK 500 322 BK 103.98 CAD Cart
UPIF-L-BL 500 322 BL 103.98 CAD Cart
UPIF-L-SG 500 322 SG 103.98 CAD Cart

*1: Allowed load for a person.

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Main Body Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6
Aluminum Alloy
Cover Aluminum Alloy
Anodized (Various Colors)
LED Illuminating Part Acrylic Resin
Thread Part Steel
Trivalent Chromate Treatment
Cable PVC


  • Plastic pulls with LEDs. Reduces design and installation trouble.
  • LED illuminated part enables confirmation of device and equipment status.
  • Through a combination of three luminescent colors (red/green/blue), the LED illuminating part emits up to seven colors.

UPIF-LPlastic Pulls - With LED

Depending on the computer and monitor environment in use, the image color may appear different. Please take note.

  • Cover colors can be selected by the end symbol of the part number.
End Symbol Cover Color
BK Anodized (Black)
BL Anodized (Blue*1)
SG Anodized (Silver)

*1: Due to the use of colored anodizing, color fluctuations may appear.


LED*1 Luminescent Color Red/Green/Blue
Activation Voltage 24 VDC ± 10%
Current Consumption Each Color 20 mA
(Max. 60 mA)
Cable Type Fixing Cable
Outside Diameter 6.1 mm ±0.2 mm
No. of Cores 7C
Conductor Size 0.3mm2
Length 2 m
Bending Radius 37 mm or more
Cable End Specifications Discrete wire
Temperature -10°C to 50°C (no freezing)
Humidity 45% RH to 85% RH
(no condensation)

*1: The reference lifetime is approximately 40,000 hours. (when used in a 25°C environment with one color lit)


UPIF-LPlastic Pulls - With LED

Mounting hole

To prevent cable damage, be sure there are no burrs in the mounting hole.
Errors may appear in the mounting dimensions due to temperature or humidity.

UPIF-LPlastic Pulls - With LED

Usable Regions

Japan, US, Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, Taiwan

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