Date Published:May. 27. 2014

Plungers : Related Information

We will design and produce plungers in the optimum specifications (shape dimensions, load, material, etc.) according to your operating conditions.

Please specify the following conditions when you contact us.

  • Type …Ball type or pin type (for the ball type, let us know if you add a spacer or not)
  • Shape/Dimensions…Nominal diameter of thread, screw pitch, thread length, ball or pin diameter, stroke, and overall length
  • Load…Minimum load (initial load)/Maximum load
  • Material/Finish…Main unit, ball or pin, spring
  • Vibration Resistant Treatment…Required/Notrequired
  • Operating Conditions……Temperature, atmosphere, service life, etc.

Plunger Load

  • Minimum load (initial load):It is the load that the plunger ball or pin starts sinking.
  • Maximum load:It is the load that the plunger ball or pin has sunk completely.
  • The plunger load changes in a linear manner between the minimum and the maximum. The plunger spring constant K can be computed in the following formula

Precautions for Use

In general, the heavy load type has shorter service life than the light load type. We recommend using the light load type for frequent use.

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