Date Published:May. 10. 2020 Date Updated:Aug. 30. 2023

CE-marked components which prevent foreign matter contamination are required 【Safety / precautionary measures】

Components with a captive mechanism should be used

NBK has standardized products for fall prevention of parts, such as knobs, pulls and special screws. Ideal for securing protective and inspection covers that are frequently installed and removed.

■Captive Washers:Prevents screw fall-off and loss simply by assembling it onto a commercially available screw.
■Fall prevention machining:Machining to prevent dropping or losing screws, knobs, etc. can be performed.

Captive Washers  SWAS-SC

Hex Socket Head Cap Captive Screws  SSC

Captive Dimple Knobs  KDMS-SC

Recommended product

Captive Series

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