Date Published:Jun. 04. 2014 Date Updated:Aug. 29. 2023

Use the NBK Captive Screw Series to be comply with CE

Use the NBK Captive Screw Series to be comply with CE marking requirements*.

EU Machinery Directive Appendix I of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) of the EC Directives requires that screws that secure protective and inspection covers on instruments and machines do not fall out from the cover when the cover is removed.

Excerpt from EU Machinery Directive Appendix I

1.4.2 Special requirements for guards Fixed guards
Fixed guards must be fixed by systems that can be opened or removed only with tools.
Their fixing systems must remain attached to the guards or to the machinery when the guards are removed.
Where possible, guards must be incapable of remaining in place without their fixings.
1.1.1 Definitions
(f)‘ guard’ means a part of the machinery used specifically to provide protection by means of a physical barrier;

*CE marking proves that the machines, devices, and other products of manufacturers comply with EC directives. Products exported or distributed in EC member states must comply with EC directives. In order to distribute products in EU member states, products must have CE marking, which proves that they comply with EC directives.

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