Date Published:May. 10. 2020

Stainless steel screws must be prevented from galling / seizing 【Workability / maintenance】

Screws with optimal surface treatments for each particular application should be used

Special surface treatment screws should be used as a countermeasure against stainless steel screw galling/seizing.

■Special Surface Hardening Treatment
Galling and seizing are prevented by curing the screw surface using NBK's own processing technology. There is nothing adhering to the surface, eliminating concerns about contamination due to stripping when tightening. Ideal in environments where contamination must be avoided, such as manufacturing equipment for semiconductors, FPD manufacturing equipment, food equipment and medical equipment.

The screw thread surface has a low coefficient of friction so that the generation of frictional heat in tightening can be suppressed, which is effective in preventing galling and seizing. Recommended as a countermeasure for use in environments where lubricants cannot be used.

Special Surface Hardened Screws  SNSL-PN

Gold Coating  SNSS-AUS

Recommended product

Special Surface Treated Screws

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