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What are low profile screws? Find advantages, disadvantages, and usage examples explained here!


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About Low Profile Screws (Low Profile Cap Screws)

These are screws with a lower head height than ordinary screws, referred to as "low profile screws" or "low profile cap screws".
NBK low profile screw head shapes include low profile screws, special low profile screws, and extra low profile screws.

Advantages of using low profile screws

Low profile screws have the following advantages.

1. For smaller devices and equipment!
2. For neater appearance!
3. For lighter-weight devices and equipment!

Smaller devices and equipment

Low profile screws and special low profile screws are screws with thinner (lower) heads than ordinary hex socket head cap screws.
With more compact heads, they can realize smaller devices and equipment.
They are ideal for applications with limited space for bolt mounting.
With minimal protrusion after mounting, they help reduce concerns about interference.

Neater appearance

These screws help solve problems like fastening to thin sheets where counterboring is impossible.
Normal screws require deep counterbored holes, calling for larger material.
The use of low profile screws and special low profile screws eliminates the need for counterboring.

Lighter-weight devices and equipment

The thin head means these screws are lighter than ordinary screws.
Also, as noted above, the use of low profile screws helps keep devices and equipment smaller.
Therefore, they are also used to realize lighter-weight devices and equipment.

Disadvantages of using low profile screws

While low profile screws have various advantages, they also have disadvantages.
The thin head leads to the disadvantage of lower strength compared to ordinary hex socket head cap screws.
They may also have different widths across flat from hex socket head cap screws. When using both hex socket head cap screws and low profile screws, different tools may be required, causing extra trouble.

Examples of Use

To prevent interference when opening and closing equipment doors


On equipment that does not allow deep countersunk holes

Low profile screw head shapes

NBK low profile screw head shapes include three basic types.
・Low profile screws
・Special low profile screws
・Extra low profile screws

When comparing bolt head height with general hex socket head cap screw (JIS B 1176:2006) thread nominal M4, the height decreases in the order of 4mm, 2.8mm, 1.5mm, and 0.9mm.

Head height comparison
  JIS B 1176 Low profile screws Special low profile screws Extra low profile screws
Recesses Hex sockets Hexalobular sockets
Part Number examples - SLH SSH SETS
Screw diameter M2 2 1.3 1.1 0.5
M2.5 2.5 1.6 1.3 -
M3 3 2 1.3 0.8
M4 4 2.8 1.5 0.9
M5 5 3.5 1.5 1
M6 6 4 1.5 1.2
M8 8 5 1.5 -
M10 10 6 1.5 -

Details available here. Comparisons with small head screws, with smaller head diameter than ordinary screws, are also available.

NBK's Low Profile Screws

NBK offers several varieties of low profile screws.
These screws are available in nominals M2 to M10 and materials including steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and resin.
They are available in many types including just simple low head screws, "ventilation hole types" ideal for vacuum equipment, and “tamper resistant types” which require special tools for fastening and removal.
NBK proposes low profile screws that best suit customers' needs with a selection unique to a specialized manufacturer.

Recommended Lineup

Tamper Resistant Special Low Profile Cap Screws

Tamper Resistant Screws with head height of 1.5mm or less. This impedes mounting and removing with regular tools.
The low head height makes it difficult to remove the screws by grasping the head itself, making them excellent for theft prevention.

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Hex Socket Head Cap Screws with Special Low Profile (SUS316L)

NBK's original stainless steel hex socket head cap screws with special low profile.
Compared to SUS304, SUS316L has excellent hydrogen embrittlement resistance, fluorine and chlorine gas resistance, and heat resistance.
This screw also resists corrosion against chemical products and seawater environments. That matches or exceeds that of SUS304.

>>Made of SUS316L Low Profile Screws
>>Made of SUS316L Special Low Profile Screws

Hex Socket Head Cap Screws with Special Low Profile (Electroless Nickel Plating)

Special low profile cap screws with electroless nickel plating.
The head height is 1.5mm or less and the electroless nickel plating has gloss, making them suitable for decoration.

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Socket Button Head Cap Screws with Flange

Socket button head cap screws with wide bearing surface, resistant to loosening.
The flange eliminates the need for a separate washer.

Socket Button Head Cap Screws with Flange SFB
Socket Button Head Cap Screws with Flange (Electroless Nickel Plating) SFB-EL
Socket Button Head Cap Screws with Flange (Stainless Steel)  SFBS


Various other low profile screws are also available.

Product List

Additional Services

Length Adjustment

Screws can be cut to your desired length in 1mm increments.

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Vibration Resistance

Anti-loosening treatments for screws are available. These are beneficial for applications requiring anti-loosening screw operations or sealing. Our anti-loosening treatments save you the trouble of applying adhesive or sealing tape.

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Cleanroom Services

We can wash and pack your products in a cleanroom. This is suggested for products used in FPD production devices, semiconductor manufacturing devices, medical equipment, food and beverage machinery and even products that will be used in cleanrooms.

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Captive Processing

Screws can be provided with relief cut and fall-out prevention functions originally designed to fix protective and inspection covers that are frequently installed and removed.

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