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Free Cross Clamper

Dimension Drawing

FCFAFree Cross Clamper寸法図

*1: Dimensional allowance before slit machining.

Unit : mm

Part Number D1*1 D2 B1*1 B2*1 A W W1 P H F1 F4 F3 F2 M (Coarse) M1(Coarse) Mass
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FCFA-20C-20 20 20 16 16 38 113 50 80 20 5.5 48.5 27 13 M5 M5 433 76.91 CAD Cart

*1: Dimensional allowance before slit machining.
● Recommended dimensional allowance of the shaft is g6. Use a long wrench to tighten the screw.


Main Body Aluminum Alloy
Hex Socket Head Cap Screw SUSXM7
Hex Socket Set Screw SUSXM7
Joint Shaft SUS304


  • A clamper that joints 2 shafts at any angle.
  • Clamping type for one side. Mounting shaft, removing shaft and angle adjustment are easy. Moreover this does not scratch the shaft.
  • Convenient for fixing of side guide and sensors of the conveyance line.
  • Compatible with both round shaft and square shaft.
  • All products are provided with hex socket head cap screw and hex socket set screw.

Usage Example

For fixing sensor.

FCFAFree Cross Clamper

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