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Tablet PC Holders - Quick Positioning Type - For Round Pipes


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Hints for Correctly Using NBK Products

The video is an example using CUAB(CUAB). You can perform the same operation using this product.

Dimension Drawing

DTAC-PBTablet PC Holders - Quick Positioning Type - For Round Pipes寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Supported Tablet PCs*1 D L1 L t Max. Load Weight
Add to Cart
Height min.
DTAC-13-330-PB-30-BK 6/13 190/330 155 30 63 102 28 5 1135 257.69 CAD Cart
DTAC-13-330-PB-40-BK 6/13 190/330 155 40 68 112 28 5 1126 261.49 CAD Cart
DTAC-20-330-PB-30-BK 13/20 190/330 155 30 70 109 35 5 1143 258.96 CAD Cart
DTAC-20-330-PB-40-BK 13/20 190/330 155 40 75 119 35 5 1153 261.49 CAD Cart

*1: Some tablet PC models may not be mountable.We will lend sample models to confirm that your device can be mounted. Please contact our customer service.


DTAC-PBTablet PC Holders - Quick Positioning Type - For Round Pipes


Base Aluminum Alloy
Electrostatic Coating
Side Arm
Bottom Arm
Electrostatic Coating
Nylon Coating (Tip Only)
Knob Nylon 6
Knob Thread Part S45C
Trivalent Chromate Treatment
Bottom Arm Fixing Bolt SCM435
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film
Cushioning Seal Polyurethane
Display Plate SPHC
Electrostatic Coating
Bracket Body A6063
Cover A6063
Bracket Plate Polyacetal (Black)
Push Button Polyacetal (Black)


  • Holder for mounting tablet PCs to vertical axis round pipes/round shafts.
  • Mounting to round pipes/round shafts uses CUPBCUPB) for simple positioning.
  • Push the push button to unlock the lock, smoothly move the bracket vertically, and release the push button to fix it in position.
  • It can be moved upward without pushing the push button, just by applying force.
  • Load capacity of up to 5 kg.
  • Tablet PCs between 9 and 12 inches*1 can be mounted by adjusting the side arm and bottom arm.

*1: 9-inch and 10-inch tablet PCs can only be installed horizontally.

  • Select the model number depending on the thickness of the tablet PC to be mounted.
    Tablet PC Thickness
    6-13 mm----DTAC-13-330-PB-**-BK
    13-20 mm----DTAC-20-330-PB-**-BK
  • The nylon coating on the arm tip and the cushioning seal on the base prevent the tablet PC from being scratched.


DTAC-**-330-PB-30-BK DTAC-**-330-PB-40-BK
Applicable Round Pipe/Round Shaft Diameter Φ30±0.64 Φ40±0.64
Push Button Press Count Resistance*1 20,000 Times

*1: Values are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.


Machine tool / Medical equipment / FPD production device / Semiconductor manufacturing device / Packing machine / Food machinery

Tablet PC Mounting Method

DTAC-PBTablet PC Holders - Quick Positioning Type - For Round Pipes

How to use the new adjustable tablet PC holder for 9 to 12 inches

Height Adjustment Method

DTAC-PBTablet PC Holders - Quick Positioning Type - For Round Pipes

*1: The tablet PC may fall out of the holder if not tightened sufficiently.

Precautions for Use

  • Mount to a vertical axis.
  • DTAC-PB requires vertical mounting. If mounted upside-down, DTAC-PB cannot remain fixed onto round pipes/round shafts.
  • It will prevent rotating movements, but it will not be able to remain completely fixed.
  • DTAC-PB is a product that uses friction fastening. In cases where oil, etc. adhered to the round pipe/round shaft causes the friction coefficient to decrease or if impact loads or vibrations occur, the maximum load weight may decrease.
  • The surface may be scratched depending on the material and surface finish of the round pipe/round shaft.
  • If excessive loads are applied, then the round pipe/round shaft may be scratched or DTAC-PB may be damaged.

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DTAC-PBTablet PC Holders - Quick Positioning Type - For Round Pipes

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