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Angle Hinge - Clamp Lever Retention


Dimension Drawing

DFS-HAngle Hinge - Clamp Lever Retention寸法図


Part Number Nominal of Mounting Thread*1 Max. Load Weight
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DFS-H-60-M8-A M6 6 244 26.99 CAD Cart
DFS-H-60-M8-B M5 6 299 29.00 CAD Cart

*1: For mounting to the DFS-H device, use the hex socket head cap screws. Mounting bolts are not supplied.


Hinge SPCC
Electrostatic Coating (black)
Clamp Lever Nylon 6 (Matte Black)
D-cut Bolt SUS304
Workpiece Fixing Nut SUS304
Cover Cap Polyethylene (Black)
Collar SPCC
Trivalent Chromate Treatment


  • You can adjust the angle of the workpiece mounted to the D-cut bolt.
  • Tightening the clamp lever will retain the angle after adjustment.
  • You can combine the display mounting system DFR (DFR) with the D-cut bolt, to mount the display or various workpieces.
  • Because the aluminum frame end surface mounting bracket DAA (DAA), mounting plate DAF (DAF), and for round pipe bracket DPB (DPB) have compatible mounting dimensions, you can combine them for use, as is, without any processing.

DFS-HAngle Hinge - Clamp Lever Retention


Machine tool / Medical equipment / FPD production device / Semiconductor manufacturing device / Packing machine / Food machinery

Precautions for Use

  • Even when the clamp lever is in a loosened state, a certain specified torque (0.1N・m or higher) is necessary for angle adjustment. When performing angle adjustment, be careful to avoid applying an excessive load to the load item.
  • Do not try to forcibly adjust the angle when the clamp lever is in a tightened state. This will wear down the retention part, reducing its retention force.

Relationship between angle retention nut tightening torque and retention torque

DFS-HAngle Hinge - Clamp Lever Retention

The retention torques are test values based on the hex nut retention type DFSN-H. They are not guaranteed values for DFS-H.

Mounting method

Mount the workpiece to a D-cut bolt, and fix it in place with a workpiece fixing nut.
For mounting to the device, use a hex head mounting bolt.

DFS-HAngle Hinge - Clamp Lever Retention

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DFS-HAngle Hinge - Clamp Lever Retention

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