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Dimple Knob

  • Won the Good Design Award

Dimension Drawing

KDFSDimple Knob寸法図



M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread

Unit : mm

Part Number D M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch Lf H s d Mass
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KDFS-16-M4-BK 16 M4 0.7 5 11 2 11 4 5.82 CAD Cart
KDFS-16-M4-WH 16 M4 0.7 5 11 2 11 4 5.82 CAD Cart

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knob Nylon 6
(Various Color)
Thread Part SUS303


  • High quality. Human design.
  • Dimple on the outer circumference enhances the operability.
  • A rich variety of thread sizes from M3 to M8 are available.
  • Types and thread part materials can be selected by a product code.
Product Code Type Thread Part Material
KDM Male Screw Made of Steel
KDMS Male Screw Made of Stainless Steel
KDF Female Screw Made of Steel
KDFS Female Screw Made of Stainless Steel
  • KDMS KDFS (made of stainless steel) have two color variations. They can be selected by the end symbol of the part number.
    End Symbol BK---- Matte black
    End Symbol WH---- Matte white
  • White is optimal for use with medical equipment.

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