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Plastic Pulls - With Pneumatic Valves


Dimension Drawing

UPVFPlastic Pulls - With Pneumatic Valves寸法図



Cover Color
Part Number Max. Allowable Load *1
Cover Color Price
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UPVF-3NC-BK 500 167 BK 85.07 CAD Cart
UPVF-3NC-BL 500 167 BL 85.07 CAD Cart
UPVF-3NC-SG 500 167 SG 85.07 CAD Cart

*1: Allowed load for a person.

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Main Body Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6
Push Button Aluminum Alloy
Cover Aluminum Alloy
Anodized (Various Colors)
Pneumatic Valve PBT
Electroless Nickel Plating
Thread Part Steel
Trivalent Chromate Treatment


  • These plastic pulls have 2-position, 3-way pneumatic valves mounted.
  • A φ6 fitting is included with the pneumatic valve.
  • The spool valve mechanism keeps the button operation unaffected by pressure.
  • When the push button is released, it returns to its original position through built-in spring force.
  • Cover colors can be selected by the end symbol of the part number.
End Symbol Cover Color
BK Anodized (Black)
BL Anodized (Blue*1)
SG Anodized (Silver)

*1: Due to the use of colored anodizing, color fluctuations may appear.


Activation Type Normally Closed
Min. Operating Pressure 0MPa
Max. Operating Pressure 0.7MPa
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (no freezing)
Applicable Tube O.D. φ6

Mounting hole

Errors may appear in the mounting dimensions due to temperature or humidity.
Press against the mounting surface and align the pitch to mount.

UPVFPlastic Pulls - With Pneumatic Valves

Precautions for Use

Improper handling of pneumatic devices is dangerous. Machinery and equipment using pneumatic devices should be assembled and maintained by personnel with sufficient knowledge and experience.

Tube Mounting and Removing Methods

Tube Mounting

The tube is fixed by being fully inserted*1.
After fixing, check that the tube does not come out when pulled.

UPVFPlastic Pulls - With Pneumatic Valves

*1: Leaks may occur if the tube is not fully inserted.

Tube Removing

Confirm that the tube internal pressure is zero.
Push the fitting release ring evenly inward*1 and pull the tube out forward.

UPVFPlastic Pulls - With Pneumatic Valves

*1: If not pushed far enough in, the tube may not come out or may be scratched.

JIS Symbol

UPVFPlastic Pulls - With Pneumatic Valves

Usable Regions

Japan, US, Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, Taiwan

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