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Dimension Drawing

UNMS-SCCaptive Pull寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number L1 A H h L Lm L3 M (Coarse) d Allowable load*1
CAD Add to Cart
UNMS-100-SC 100 10 37 27 110 8 15 M5 3.8 1000 95 18.73 CAD Cart
UNMS-125-SC 125 10 37 27 135 8 15 M5 3.8 1000 110 19.52 CAD Cart

*1: Allowed load for a person.


Main body SUS304


  • Pulls with captive mechanism. Male screw type.
  • Accidental falling of a nut from the pull is prevented even when the mounting nut is loosened.
  • SUS304 superior in corrosion resistance is used.
  • For applications such as food machinery, packing machinery and chemical manufacturing devices that require countermeasures against foreign material mixture.
  • For mounting, use Type 3 of commercially-available hexagon nuts (M5). Hexagon nuts are not supplied.

Usage Example

Even the nut is loosened, it temporarily remains in the relief cut part and will not fall off directly.

UNMS-SCCaptive Pull

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UNMS-SCCaptive Pull

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