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UUDFPlastic Pull寸法図



Body color
Part Number M Lf H h A L L1 Mass
Allowable load*1
Body color Screw supply service Screw size Price
CAD Add to Cart
UUDF-26-128-BL M6 15 57 30 26 145 128 56 500 BL M6×16 14.74 CAD Cart

*1: Allowed load for a person.

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Upper Part of Pull Nylon 6 (Various Color)
Lower Part of Pull Nylon 6 (Dark Gray)
Thread Part S45C
Trivalent Chromate Treatment
Hex Socket Head Cap Screws
(Screw supply service)


  • Five-color variations support the color universal design of machines / devices. Two-tone color of dark gray and various colors. They can be selected by the end symbol of the part number.
  • Hex socket head cap screws for mounting (SUSXM7) are available as an option. Use the screw supply service (charged separately).
End Symbol Color
BK Black
SG Silver gray
BL Blue
OR Orange
YW Yellow

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