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Scale Stickers (Horizontal Type)

Dimension Drawing

FSSScale Stickers (Horizontal Type)寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number L L1 Reading Direction Mass (g) Price
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FSS-100-R 108 100 Zero point on the left 0.5 3.79 CAD Cart
FSS-200-R 208 200 Zero point on the left 1 4.42 CAD Cart
FSS-300-R 308 300 Zero point on the left 1.5 4.90 CAD Cart
FSS-500-R 508 500 Zero point on the left 2.5 8.20 CAD Cart
FSS-100-L 108 100 Zero point on the right 0.5 3.79 CAD Cart
FSS-200-L 208 200 Zero point on the right 1 4.42 CAD Cart
FSS-300-L 308 300 Zero point on the right 1.5 4.90 CAD Cart
FSS-500-L 508 500 Zero point on the right 2.5 8.20 CAD Cart
FSS-100-C 108 100 Center distribution 0.5 3.79 CAD Cart
FSS-200-C 208 200 Center distribution 1 4.42 CAD Cart
FSS-300-C 308 300 Center distribution 1.5 4.90 CAD Cart
FSS-500-C 508 500 Center distribution 2.5 8.20 CAD Cart

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Main body Polyester
Aluminum evaporation
Polyester (transparent)


  • Horizontal scale of the sticker type. Simply stick it on machines / devices.
  • Scale lengths of 100 / 200 / 300 / 500 mm are standardized for FSS.
    Scale length of 100 / 200 / 300 mm are standardized for FST.
  • FSS----Aluminum evaporation coating
  • Made of polyester which is flexible. You can stick it on a curved surface like a post / a shaft, and cut it into a custom size to use it.
  • Corners are rounded. It is hard to remove.
  • Select the scale type from three types by the end symbol of the part number.
End Symbol 目盛
R Zero point on the left
L Zero point on the right
C Center distribution

Precautions for Use

  • FSS FSTUse the scale of the Scale Sticker as a general guideline.
  • Thoroughly remove oil and dust on the sticking surface before sticking.

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