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Rigid Couplings - Semi-split Type


  • Single-Piece Construction
  • Standardized Shaft Hole of Different Diameters

Dimension Drawing

MLRS-VRigid Couplings - Semi-split Type寸法図


Part Number ALWGM F1F2Screw Tightening
Torque (N・m)
Standard Bore Diameter
Add to Cart
MLRS-16V 16 11 22 5 M2 2.5 5.5 0.5 70.61 CAD Cart
MLRS-20V 20 12 24 7 M2 2.5 6 0.5 78.46 CAD Cart
MLRS-25V 25 18 36 9 M2.5 4.5 9 1 88.19 CAD Cart
MLRS-32V 32 20 40 11 M3 4 10 1.5 114.32 CAD Cart

Part Number Max. Bore Diameter
Max. Rotational Frequency
Moment of
(g) *2
MLRS-16V 6 0.3 39000 9.1×10-7 25
MLRS-20V 8 0.5 31000 2.6×10-6 45
MLRS-25V 12 1 25000 9.3×10-6 100
MLRS-32V 15 2 19000 2.8×10-5 180

*1: Correction of rated torque due to load fluctuation is not required. For more detailed information, please refer to Selection Guidelines.
*2: These are values with max. bore diameter.

Part Number Standard Bore Diameter D1・D2
MLRS-16V 6-6        
MLRS-20V 8-8        
MLRS-25V 10-10 12-12      
MLRS-32V 14-14 15-15      

● All products are provided with hex socket head cap screw.
● Recommended tolerance for shaft diameters is h6 and h7.
● In case of mounting on D-cut shaft, be careful about the position of the D-cut surface of the shaft. ⇒Mounting and Maintenance
● Bore and keyway modifications are available on request. Please contact our customer service.
● For the shaft insertion amount to the coupling, see Mounting/maintenance. ⇒Mounting and Maintenance


Main Body SUS303
Hex Socket Head Cap Screw SUSXM7


Clamping Type

MLR-CMade of aluminum alloyMLR-CMLRS-C

MLR-C/MLRS-C/MLR-V/MLRS-V_CRigid Couplings

MLRS-CMade of all stainless steelMLR-CMLRS-C

MLR-C/MLRS-C/MLR-V/MLRS-V_CRigid Couplings

Semi-split Type

MLR-VMade of aluminum alloyMLR-VMLRS-V

MLR-C/MLRS-C/MLR-V/MLRS-V_CRigid Couplings

MLRS-VMade of all stainless steelMLR-VMLRS-V

MLR-C/MLRS-C/MLR-V/MLRS-V_CRigid Couplings


  • Recommended Applicable Motor
Stepping Motor
General-purpose Motor

◎: Excellent ○: Very good ●: Available

  • Property
Zero Backlash
High Torque
High Torsional Stiffness
Corrosion Resistance (All S.S.) -

◎: Excellent ○: Very good

  • This is a long type rigid coupling.
  • This can also be used as a joint for extending a shaft.
  • There are two types of units made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel.
  • There are clamping type and semi-split type.


Cleaning equipment / Transport device


Selection Based on Shaft Diameter and Rated Torque

The area bounded by the shaft diameter and rated torque indicates the selection size.

MLR-C/MLRS-C/MLR-V/MLRS-V_CRigid Couplings

MLR-C/MLRS-C/MLR-V/MLRS-V_CRigid Couplings

MLR-C/MLRS-C/MLR-V/MLRS-V_CRigid Couplings

MLR-C/MLRS-C/MLR-V/MLRS-V_CRigid Couplings

Selection Example

In case of selected parameters of shaft diameter of φ10 and load torque of 4 N・m, the selected size for MLR-C is MLR-25C.

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