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Tablet PC Mounting System - Fix Type

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Wall Panel / Sheet Metal
  • Aluminum Frame End Face
  • Pipe

Dimension Drawing

DTR-PBTablet PC Holders - for iPad - Fixed Type寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number D L1 L Mass
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DTR-PB-28 28 65.5 89.5 1110 179.30 CAD Cart
DTR-PB-30 30 65.5 89.5 1110 179.30 CAD Cart
DTR-PB-34 34 65.5 89.5 1070 179.30 CAD Cart
DTR-PB-40 40 69.5 97.5 1090 182.42 CAD Cart
DTR-PB-42.7 42.7 69.5 97.5 1060 182.42 CAD Cart

● Fixing rubber sheet is attached. Dimensional allowance of available round pipe is ±0.5 mm.


DTR-PBTablet PC Mounting System - Fix Type


Holder SS400
Chrome Plating
Protection Cap Flexible PVC (lead-free)
Fixing Plate SS400
Electrostatic Coating
Bracket - A6063
Alumite Treatment


  • Tablet PC fixing parts compatible with iPad*1.
    *1: iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. Compatible with iPad2 / New iPad.
  • This fixes a tablet PC to a production facility or test device. Tablet PC can be mounted / unmounted easily just by inserting / removing it.
  • Robust design. It has a high durability.
  • A type to fix the holder completely.
  • For counterpart, three types of Mounting System for Display are available.
    For aluminum frame / For wall panel and sheet metal ----DTR-AF
    For aluminum frame end mounting ----DTR-AA
    For round pipe ----DTR-PB
  • This is suitable for checking the tablet PC screen while both hands are in use.
  • The holder alone can be purchased.
  • We also produce Mounting System for Display of special specifications compatible with tablet PCs of various sizes.
    Special specifications

DTR-PBTablet PC Mounting System - Fix Type


Machine tool / Medical equipment / FPD production device / Semiconductor manufacturing device / Packing machine / Food machinery


  • By using the optional DTC, a tablet PC can be completely fixed.
  • For cases where bringing out the tablet PC is prohibited.
Part Number Mass(g)
DTC 70


Clamp AC4C-F
Electrostatic Coating
Clamping Screw SUSXM7

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