Date Published:May. 10. 2020

Improvement points for FA Devices【Unit Design】

Introducing points for improvement of the performance of the modular design of transport devices, packaging machinery, etc.

The time taking setting up workpieces on the line needs to be reduced

Instead of operating handles, equipment with automatic positioning capability is available▶

Special screws that can be used in vacuum/ high temperature/chemical environments

Screws which support equipment vacuuming are in stock▶

Screws with excellent heat resistance are in stock▶

Screws with excellent chemical resistance and screws with head coating only are available▶

Countermeasures when available space is limited

Tools optimized for working in narrow spaces are available▶

Issue/case studies Improved productivity/workability Safety measures/precautionary measures Reduced cost/energy saving/long life Compact/space-saving/lightweight High strength/high rigidity Automation/robots/motorization FA Devices Solution samples Special Screws FA solutions