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Japan, the US, Canada, China

This item is not available in Mexico due to the Radio Act.
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  • These units automate positioning mechanisms with a feed screw. By replacing the feed screw operating handle with EPU-100, device positioning mechanisms can be automated.
  • Through the use of the dedicated transceivers EPC-100 (EPC-100) or EPC-200-CC (EPC-200-CC)EPC-210-EIPEPC-210-EIP), wireless batch operation of up to 32 Wireless Positioning Units is possible. Signal wiring from the operating terminal is not required. Ideal for devices and equipment with multiple positioning locations, like packaging machines and carton formers.
  • Controller is built in. Extra space for amps, controllers and other equipment in addition to the main unit is not required.
  • With the use of an external interface connector, wired communication is possible as well as the connection of a movable range control limit sensor or a forced travel switch for abnormalities.
  • For configuration and control of EPU-100, the dedicated software EPU-COM is required. The dedicated software is available free of charge. Please download from the NBK website.
  • Combining with the dedicated lock adapter EPL enables position retention (locking).

Image of Replacement from Handle

EPU-100Wireless Positioning Units

Dimension Drawing

EPU-100Wireless Positioning Units寸法図


Part Number Mass
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EPU-100-W5-R60 520 482.76 Cart


Main Body A6063S
Anodized (Black)
Flange A6063S
Back Panel SPCC
Electrostatic Coating (Matte Black)
Output Shaft Equivalent to SUM43
Rubber Cover EPDM
Power Cable Heat-Resistant Vinyl Flat Cord

Does not contain any of the 10 chemicals restricted under the RoHS Directives.


Use the spigot joint to position the Wireless Positioning Unit EPU-100 on the equipment, and fix with hex socket head cap screws to eliminate any clearance between EPU-100 and the equipment.

*Hex socket head cap screws are not provided.

EPU-100Wireless Positioning Units

EPU-100Wireless Positioning Units


Power Source Voltage DC24V ± 10%
Current Consumption Waiting 20mA
Rated 0.65A
Max. 1A
Rated Output 4.98W
Rated Rotational Frequency 62 ±10rpm
Rated Torque 0.765N・m *1
Output Shaft
Max. Allowable Load
Radial Load 29.4N*2
Thrust Load 24.5N*2
Stop Accuracy ±5° *3
Input Wireless Communication 2.4GHz Band Wireless Communication
Wired Communication RS-232C (3-wire type)
Input Circuit 2ch*4
Wireless Reach Distance
(Reference Value)
Indoors 60m
Outdoors 1200m
Operating Environment Temperature -5°C to 55°C (no freezing)
Humidity 20% RH to 85% RH (no condensation)

*1: When attaching the lock adapter EPL, the EPL output torque is 0.715N・m.
*2: Output shaft max. allowable load

EPU-100Wireless Positioning Units

*3: When attaching the lock adapter EPL, about 10° of backlash is generated.
*4: For limit sensor connection.

Only takes two minutes to understand!Wireless Positioning Units Installation/Connection Method

Precautions for Use

Be sure to read the Instruction Manual before use to ensure safe and correct usage.

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EPU-100Wireless Positioning Units

Position retention lock adapters EPL can be used in combination with EPU-100.

EPU-100Wireless Positioning Units

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