Date Published:May. 10. 2020 Date Updated:Oct. 23. 2023

Solving common issues with Food Machinery(Food Packaging Machine)

Introducing the safety and hygiene countermeasures essential for food packaging machinery design.

01.Width/height adjustment changeovers must be streamlined

Automate manual operation to cut down on labor

Instead of operating handles one by one in multiple locations, our equipment enables automatic positioning. Up to 32 units can be batch operated wirelessly.

Wireless Positioning Units   EPU

02.Equipment must be kept clean

Parts which help prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt

With an even surface, they are easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Hand Knobs   KMDFS

Rust-resistant parts usable even for drive components

All-stainless steel couplings are available.

Slit Couplings
Made of SUS303 : MSTS    Made of SUS316L : XSTS-C

03.Touch panels and displays must be installed to move toward a paperless plant

Sturdy display mounting systems are available for onsite use

Display mounting systems with freely adjustable angles, mountable on walls, aluminum frames, or round pipes, should be used.

Display Device Mounting Systems  Mounting Systems for Display

04.Foreign matter contamination must be prevented

Safety comes first for food production. Fall-off and loss of parts should be prevented. HACCP and CE Marking compliant products are also available.

Keep loosened nuts from falling off

With relief cutting in the handle threading, the nuts on these handles won't fall off even if they come loose.

Captive Pulls  UNMS-SC

Keep screws from falling into equipment or materials

Screws with structures like this will not fall out of the panel even when removed, because the relief cutting in the threads catches on the screw hole.

Captive Screws  SSC

Washers prevent screw fallout

The washers can simply be assembled to commercially available screws to achieve fallout prevention countermeasures. After assembly, they will be unlikely to fall off the screws.

Captive Washers  SWAS-SC

05.Female thread damage when replacing cutters or squeegees must be prevented

Reinforce female threads to prevent damage

Integrated stainless steel with high strength makes them effective in areas where bolts are frequently inserted and removed.

Keyed Female-Thread Reinforcing Inserts  SHINS

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