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Clamp Lever - Miniature Type, Male Screw - with Push Button

Dimension Drawing

LECMS-CClamp Lever - Miniature Type, Male Screw - with Push Button寸法図

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch Lm R H H' h s D d Tooth No. Max. load
Max. tightening force
Lever Part
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LECMS-5-50-YW-CSG M5 0.8 50 30 29 32.5 24 4.2 13 10 18 62 2.7 YW 20 16.80 CAD Cart

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Lever Part Nylon 6 (Various Color)
Thread Part SUS303
Push Button Nylon 6 (Various Color)
Serration Ring
Zinc die cast
Spring Stainless Steel Wire


  • A clamp lever - miniature type with push button. Male screw type.
  • When the lever part is pulled up for position adjustment, the force is easily transmitted to help the operation if a push button is available.
  • The product development was conducted with LCA, Life Cycle Assessment, in consideration for environmental load, especially for global warming.
  • Greenhouse effect gas emission is reduced by 6.5 % compared to conventional products.
  • A serration ring made of zinc die cast is inserted into the lever body made of plastic. They also realize sufficient strength for fitting with metal thread serration.
  • There are two types of thread part materials:
    LECM-C----Made of steel
    LECMS-C----Made of stainless steel
  • Five color variations for the lever part and three for the push button are available. They can be selected by the symbol of the part number.
  • Color variations of the lever part
Symbol Lever Part Color
BK Matte black
SG Matte silver
OR Matte orange
YW Matte yellow
SK Matte Transparent
  • Operation Button Color Variations
Symbol Operation Button Color
CBK Matte black
CSG Matte silver
COR Matte orange

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LECMS-CClamp Levers - Miniature Type, Male Screw - with Push Button

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